Leyland is a thriving town in North west England. Famous for the bus and truck manufacturer Leyland Motors, recently Leyland has seen a growth in industry and population with many new housing developments and local businesses since the 70’s. 

British Commercial Vehicle Museum

British Commercial Vehicle Museum

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum was founded in 1983, in Leyland.  The museum displays a range of commercial vehicles produced by the British manufacturing industry. These included

Leyland & South Ribble

Worden Park

Worden Park is the largest park in South Ribble, and attracts around 300,000 visitors every year. As well as offering more than 60 hectares of

Turbary Woods

Turbary Woods Bird of Prey Sanctuary

Turbary Woods Owl and Bird of Prey Sanctuary near Leyland is a pure volunteer based, non profit group of volunteers. The sanctuary houses over 80 birds of

Leyland now boasts several superstores, retail outlets as well as several large supermarkets. In addition, there are many independent shops as well as a popular indoor market in the centre of the town. The various pubs and restaurants cater for most tastes. Not forgetting the beautiful Worden Park which is a popular destination. This iconic park has woodland, a large children’s play park, a Victorian garden and maze, café, and small theatre. 

The Lancashire Festival LancFest

The Lancashire Festival LancsFest

The Lancashire Festival LancsFest are awaiting approval from Preston City Council regarding an event license for 2 days in Preston. DATES TBC … A host of

Leyland Festival logo

Leyland Festival

The Leyland Festival comes to to Leyland every year, and it will return again in 2021. Usually, the festival starts with a lively and entertaining

Lancashire Day

Lancashire Day

Lancashire Day is the county day of Lancashire in England, held on 27 November. It commemorates the day in 1295 when Lancashire first sent representatives to

Music in the Park Festival Leyland

Music In The Park

Turn back time to the 80s this summer and get ready for a night of nostalgia with the incredible chart toppers Tony Hadley, T’pau, Doctor

Primarily famous for the bus and truck manufacturer Leyland Motors, between the 1950s and 1970s, Leyland Motors expanded and grew to own several British motor manufacturers. These include British Motor Corporation, Standard-Triumph and Rover, culminating in the massive British Leyland company. The truck business still operates today as Leyland Trucks, and is owned by Paccar. 

Lancashire Dadsnet Local Community

Lancashire Dadsnet Local Community

The Lancashire Dadsnet Local Community is an online parenting platform. Ultimately, we connect dads to parenting resources, entertainment & each other. Indeed, we are a

Runsmart Leyland Logo

RunSmart Leyland

RunSmart Leyland is a totally free, Social Running Group based in Leyland, Lancashire. In fact, the group is run by Qualified UK Athletics Coaches and

Leyland 2nd Scouts Logo

Leyland 2nd Scouts

Leyland 2nd Scouts, based in Leyland is part of the Scout Movement. Indeed, its aim is to support young people in their physical, mental and

Leyland Knit Knatter

Leyland Knit & Knatter

Leyland Knit & Knatter are based in Leyland.  All welcome to come and join in our merry band of ‘hookers’ & ‘knitters’. All abilities, ages,

The area of Worden, which is now Worden Park, was one of nine oxgangs of land granted to the Knights Hospitaller, by Roger de Lacy, in Lancashire. However, the land was not assigned to any individual. A local man, who was a very close friend of de Lacy, Hugh Bussel, was assigned holder of the land in 1212. Furthermore, notable features that remain include the St Andrew’s Parish Church, built around 1200 AD and the large stone Leyland Cross. Both of these are thought to date back to Saxon times.

Bobby The Iron Horse Landmark Leyland

Bobby The Iron Horse

‘Bobby the Iron Horse’ is the most recent gateway feature installed in Leyland. The monument is to celebrate Leyland’s proud heritage. Towering at 15ft high,

The Leyland Worker Statue

The Leyland Worker

In front of the Market on Hough Lane in Leyland, you can find a bronze statue of a man. As a result, this iconic Leyland

The Centurion Tank Leyland

The Centurion Tank

The Centurion Tank in Leyland is one of a series of “Welcome to Leyland” gateway monuments celebrating the town’s industrial heritage. Others include ‘William The

Norma The Fire Engine Landmark Leyland

Norma The Fire Engine

Norma The Fire Engine was welcomed to Leyland, officially in August 2013 and still sits to this day, outside the Hallmark hotel. Built in 1938,

The Centurion Tank in Leyland is one of a series of “Welcome to Leyland” gateway monuments celebrating the town’s industrial heritage. Others include ‘William The Tractor‘, ‘Norma The Fire Engine‘ and ‘Bobby the Iron Horse‘. The Centrurion tank was moved to its present position in 2016 to facilitate road improvements to the A582 Flensburg way. In fact, it sits on a mound 20m back from the current roundabout.