At Cannabrew, in Lancaster, our mission is to combine fantastic taste and unique benefits within expertly brewed, CBD infused products.

We pride ourselves on our ability to innovatively fuse traditional and successful Northern brewing methods with a modernised outlook on life. We offer you top-quality beers and ciders that we are proud to sell to our customers. Infused with broad-spectrum CBD oil, we invite you to experience the full and extensive benefits of our unique creations. Drinking beer is always enjoyable, but it’s never felt so beneficial.

As a company, we are extremely environmentally aware, aiming to plant as many trees as possible on our journey, and yours. We’re proud of our Northern roots, taking time to donate our used grains and hops to local farmers. You can enjoy the advantages of our unrivaled beverages while feeling completely guilt-free.

Our aim is to bring you back to your base level – only then do we consider the Cannabrew mission to be a success.

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