Darwen Tower

Darwen Tower, otherwise referred to as ‘The octagonal Jubilee Tower’ sits on Beacon Hill, in Darwen near Blackburn.

This iconic landmark was completed in 1898. In fact, it was constructed to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Additionally, it was built to celebrate the victory of the local people for the right to access the moor.

The structure measures 85ft in height and was opened to the public on September 22 1898. Sightseers can climb to the top of the tower via the internal staircase. Indeed, they can admire the breathtaking views of both the surrounding moorland.

In addition, further afield sights of Yorkshire, Morecambe Bay, Blackpool Tower, Cumbria, the Isle of Man, and North Wales can also be seen.

A splendid view of Darwen can also be obtained. The 300 foot India Mills chimney can clearly be seen. This took 14 years to complete at a cost of £14,000 & was opened in 1868. Remarkably, in recent years Peregrine falcons have successfully nested at the top of the chimney.

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