Leyland Albion Football Club

Leyland Albion FC are a voluntary run, non-profit making community youth football club in Leyland.

The vast majority of our players come from within the South Ribble area. There are currently 20 teams ranging from Under 7’s to Under 18’s.

Founded in the 1980’s, Leyland Albion FC closely follows F.A. rules and regulations. Indeed, the club promotes the FA Respect program, fairplay and sportsmanship.

The club is based at Fox Lane Sports Club in Leyland. The name ‘Albion’ comes from the proud history of the town relating to the manufacture of vehicles. Leyland Motors corporation took over Albion Motors in the early 1950’s. Consequently, the club badge was designed with the Albion logo closely in mind.

We are always on the look out for new players. If your child would like to join a friendly local football, then get in touch. We are dedicated to the enjoyment of playing and to your child’s development.

ADDRESS: Fox Lane Sports & Social Club Leyland, PR25 1HB
TEL: 07504 976715
EMAIL: contact@leylandalbionfc.co.uk
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