The Pigeon Tower Rivington

The Dovecote Tower, commonly known as the Pigeon Tower Rivington cane be found near Rivington Pike, near to Chorley.

It stands at the northwestern edge of the Terraced Gardens. Italian in style, the Tower was built in 1910 by Lord Leverhulme as part of his extensive Rivington estate. There are different ways to reach the Pigeon tower. Once you are up there you can see for miles around on a clear day. In summary, it’s great for a rest before you go up to Rivington Pike.

The Pigeon Tower is built in gritstone with three storeys, each a single room. It has a steeply pitched roof and a corbelled chimney. On the west side is a semi-circular stair turret with a conical roof. The third storey is a sitting room and Lady Levers sewing/music room. It has four light mullioned windows on two sides giving views of the boating lake. The other two storeys are a dovecote and when in use housed ornamental doves and pigeons. On the west wall are square pigeon holes with perching ledges.

Other significant features in the gardens include a sundial, garden terrace, ornamental bridge, a seven arch bridge, waterfalls, gate lodge, and Rivington Pike Tower.

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