Lytham Windmill

Lytham Windmill is situated on Lytham Green in the coastal town of Lytham St Annes.

Known as a ‘Tower mill’, as it was designed for grinding wheat and oats to make flour or bran.

The Windmill and the Old Lifeboat House are Lytham’s best known landmarks. In fact, it contains a seasonal museum with a series of exhibits. Indeed, these are focussed on the “History of Mills and Milling”, the “Great Lifeboat Disaster” and the “Heritage of Lytham St Annes and the Fylde Area”.

The Museum attracts over 30,000 visitors annually. Established in 1989 by Lytham Heritage Group, t is run voluntarily by The Group’s members. In addition, it houses exhibitions and displays spread over 5 floors. It includes a full size pulling and sailing lifeboat from 1901, explanations of the milling processes and a history of the Grade II listed buildings. The basement shows a tableau of life in Victorian Lytham.

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