Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle has origins dating all the way back to the Romans. This fascinating collection of buildings has been a centre for justice, incarceration and penal reform for almost 1,000 years in the city of Lancaster.

Knowledgeable and friendly tour guides will guide you on your tour. Travel time through tales of witchcraft, religious persecution, crime and punishment, rehabilitation and release. In addition, stand in the dock, raise your left hand to be sworn in and understand the meaning of ‘to be sent down’. Try out one of our medieval cells for size. Finally, enjoy one of Europe’s most extensive collection of heraldic shields hanging on the walls of the breathtaking Shire Hall. From Richard the Lionheart to Elizabeth II, all the Monarchs of England are represented there. Together with the High Sheriffs of Lancashire, from 1189 to the present day.

The tour finishes in C-Wing. Here, you can view cells used up until 2011 before being ‘released’ to enjoy the rest of your day.

Please note: Lancaster Castle is still used as a Crown Court. If the Court is sitting, it may not be possible to view all rooms. Similarly, restoration works underway at the Castle to repair its historic fabric mean that public access to all areas of the Castle is subject to public safety and security considerations.

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