Bloomfield Road

Blackpool Football Club have called Bloomfield Road their home since 1901.

In fact, the ground become the 68th stadium in the country to host a Football League game. Actually, it gets its name from the road that the main entrance to the ground used to stand on. Other than Bloomfield Road, Blackpool have played their games at two other home grounds. In fact, between 1896 and 1897 Blackpool played at Raikes Hall Gardens before moving to the Athletic Grounds in 1897. They yoyo-ed between the two locations until finally setting at their current home permanently in 1900.

Originally known as Gamble’s Field because of the farmer who owned the land, South Shore originally played at Bloomfield Road during their spell in the Lancashire League in 1899. In fact, the ground was officially opened on the 28th of October 1899 when South Shore played against Newton Heath in the FA Cup. There had been a competitive match a week earlier when South Shore went up against the 1st South Lancashire Regiment, but the stadium had not officially opened at that point.

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